Olive Skin

If your complexion and skin color is slightly beige then it is likely you will have olive skin. Olive skin allows you to look good in warm, summary colors like yellow and orange. Olive skin is also great for hiding those blemishes that you do not want people to see.

Olive skin is found in many people from different ethic backgrounds but is usually found in Europeans rather than the British such as in Spain and Italy, in the Mediterranean.

People who have this type of skin can have hair from dark blond to black hair and can have brown, green or blue eyes.

People consider olive skin to be more beautiful and more appealing than that of pale skin.

This is an example of why British tourists go on holiday, in order to gain a tan.

People also perceive an olive tan to be healthier and healthier looking; when in fact it is not because exposure to sunlight causes the skin to age, dry and even expose you to getting sun cancer.

People with olive skin though may feel that because they tan easily they are not as much at threat to skin cancer than that of someone with a pale looking skin tone. This is not the case though.

It just means that they have more melanin which protects you better from more harmful rays.

Having olive skin also means you are less likely to have or get dry skin in comparison to very fair skinned people.

This due to you having slightly larger pores in the skin. Olive skin tends to mean that you age well and do not have or receive as many wrinkles as that of fair skinned people.

In saying this you are more prone to the skin sagging and the wrinkles you do get will be deeper.

The sagging is due to you having thicker sub cutis and dermis.

If you don’t have olive skin then there are many products available in the shops that allow you to get that natural olive look.

It can be found out of a bottle and are creams that gradually build up the color of your skin. Unlike fake tan it only gradually builds up a natural looking color rather than a deep bronzer.